Say It Proper

What's it about?

Whether you like it or not, the way you speak conveys a lot about you as a person. A well-spoken person nearly always comes across as confident and professional and well-educated.

Say It Proper is a practical workshop in learning to enunciate and express yourself clearly in English.

There are certain sounds and ways of speaking that do not exist in the Thai or other Asian languages, which makes it very difficult for Asian people to be correctly understood when expressing themselves in English.

The workshop is an intensive 'face gym' where you will practice the principles of enunciating clearly in English. This kind of instruction is rarely covered in any English class. But once you understand the principles and practice the muscle exercises, within a very short time you will be able to communicate clearly and effectively in English.

For instance, many Thai people do not pronounce the terminating consonants in words such as "white", "fade", "pink", "office". These usually come out as "why", "fay", "ping" and "offit".

The consonants V, TH and SH are particularly difficult for Thai speakers. As well as the expression of R and the ending L or S.

And many words are mistakenly pronounced as they are spelled "eh-roar" instead of "eh-reuh" (error), or "sentran" instead of "sentrill" (central). The most common sound in (British) English is "ə" (เอิ) as in "probable" (probəbəl) and "business" (bəzznəss). By knowing how to apply this principle, you will already begin to develop a better English accent.

This workshop uses speech therapy and sports training techniques to teach correct speaking skills.

Download the Say It Proper Notes and Exercises [right-click and Save As...]

Who benefits the most?

Thai professionals who already know some English and who interact with foreigners, either face to face, or by phone.

Many foreign customers are frustrated by not being able to communicate effectively with Thai staff or sales people. A lot of business is lost and time wasted because customers don't understand what is being said. The professional image of the company is also damaged if the staff can't speak properly.

If you deal directly with foreign customers or suppliers then it is vital that you learn to enunciate clearly.

Many of the principles covered can also be applied if you are a speaker of another Asian language, but this workshop will focus on the specific difficulties that Thai speakers have when communicating in English.

What are the outcomes?

Not only do you learn to communicate clearly in English, the same principles apply in your own language. There is nothing more disconcerting that trying to communicate with a person who mumbles or speaks incoherently.

Even if you don't have a strong command of the English language, your image as a well-educated and professional individual will be greatly enhanced as a result of speaking eloquently.

Course Duration

As with sport or dance or a musical instrument, the more you practice the better. Workshops range from 2-4½ hours per session.

Also, as with any kind of physical exercise, short but regular participation is more effective than 'cramming'.

The recommended program is 2-3 hours per month over six months.