Sales Presentation Consultancy

What's it about?

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Effective Sales Presentations.

Sales Presentations are routinely dull and ineffectual, often a collection of pretty but standard and uninspiring Powerpoint slides.

In this program, I work with your sales and marketing team to design an effective presentation for your particular product or service. And then I coach the sales team on how to present it effectively, using role play.

Understanding the customer. What is the customer looking for? What are the problems that he wishes to solve? How can your product or service benefit the customer?

Focus on the benefits. The presentation should solve a problem or an urgent need.

Organize the presentation. What are the three (and no more than five) arguments that support or lead up to the primary message? Present these in a clear and logical manner. What else does the customer need to know? Answer all the questions.

Visual Aids are just that: Aids. I help to devise a Powerpoint presentation that uses diagrams and graphics. And I coach the sales executives on how to walk through the presentation in a flexible and spontaneous way.

Be excited. Sales Presentations, no matter how wonderful, become extremely dull after a few repetitions. I help to find ways to vary it and harness the personal passions of each individual sales executive.

Who benefits the most?

Sales Executives.

What are the outcomes?

A Sales Presentation that is an effective selling tool. More effective selling by the sales team.

Course Duration

About 2-3 days is required to develop the Sales Presentation itself, followed by 1-2 days of practice and coaching.

The number of people is therefore limited, ideally no more than eight participants.