Recruitment Strategies

What's it about?

See also Interviewing Skills and Creative Thinking.

It can cost two years' salary (sometimes as much as five!) to recover from a bad hire – advertisement fees, agency fees, time spent interviewing, cost of training, loss of productivity, negative effect on morale and - most devastating of all - loss of sales.

So it is worth a little effort and reflection to get it right the first time.

This is a workshop to reflect on and question your underlying assumptions concerning the kind of people you want for your company.

Very often, it is not to do with academic qualifications and more to do with attitude and experience. And not necessarily work experience, but experience in working independently. Someone who has taken the time and trouble to develop their speaking skills by joining Toastmasters, or who is involved with Rotary or some community project, is often a better choice than a candidate with a Masters in Communication.

Determining what sort of people work for the company also depends on your choice of Value Discipline - whether your company chooses Operational Excellence, Product Leadership or Customer Intimacy.

This workshop helps you to decide on your Value Discipline, what kind of business systems work best, the personality attributes you are looking for in a candidate and therefore your recruitment criteria, and what you can do to foster and support your employee's personal goals.

Who benefits the most?

Senior Directors and HR Managers.

What are the outcomes?

A clear idea of the operating style of the company and what kind of people you need and how to find and select them.

Also, a revised set of Job Descriptions, based on responsibilities, duties and expectations. From this, you develop a prioritized list of characteristics for selecting a candidate.

Course Duration

One day. Perhaps an additional half a day to review Job Descriptions.