Public Speaking

What's it about?

See also Presentation Skills, Mind Mapping, Power Point Presentations, Say It Proper.

Being able to speak to a group of people is one of the most important skills in life. Very few people do it. Most people are afraid of doing it.

Yet is is actually fairly easy to do if you develop the following skills:

  • Self-confidence
  • Passion about the topic
  • Organizing the speech
  • Clear enunciation

Self-confidence is developed simply by practicing giving speeches of gradually increasing complexity and in a variety of situations.

If you are passionate about a topic then you will find it naturally easy to talk about. Your enthusiasm and confidence will show naturally. In the course, I will help you to find ways to make even a dull subject interesting to you. You cannot convey excitement and intrigue if you don't feel excited about the topic yourself.

The other main advantage about speaking from your heart - i.e. talking about something that fascinates you - is that you can be flexible. This is the mark of a confident speaker: He or she can modify the speech according to the audience, and feels comfortable enough about the topic to answer questions and speak impromptu about it.

Indeed, impromptu speaking is a skill that needs creative thinking and lots of practice. In the program, we create as many opportunities as possible for practicing impromptu speeches.

Organizing your speech is relatively straight forward. Particularly if you Mind Map your speech beforehand. In the course, I will show you the process of producing a Mind Map, developing a sequential presentation, making simple speech notes, and practicing your presentation.

Clear enunciation does several things: people understand you better, it slows you down so that you can think better while talking, and it makes you sound confident and authoritative about the topic. Even the little trick of always ending your sentences with a falling tone can help tremendously in making you feel and sound confident.

All these principles and others are explained and practiced in the workshop.

Who benefits the most?

Anybody who manages people or talks to customers. Sales people, managers, lecturers, trainers.

What are the outcomes?

The ability to speak in an entertaining and effective way - with confidence!

Course Duration

The initial introduction is one day and involves a great deal of practice and role play. Ideally, participants should enroll on a one-year program (meeting once a month for 2-4 hours). Participants should also join a public speaking organization such as Toastmasters for additional practice in a friendly and supportive environment.

The number of people is therefore limited, ideally no more than eight participants.