Gary Orman - Profile

Gary is an experienced entrepreneur, trainer and business consultant spanning over 20 years in a wide variety of industries and cultures, government and private enterprise – in UK & Europe, South Africa, Israel and Thailand. He has founded a number of successful companies and advised multinational corporations such as the European Parliament, Eurotunnel, Reuters, Lloyds, British American Tobacco and Marubeni as well as startups and entrepreneurs. His publications include a variety of articles on education, home-schooling and business effectiveness. Currently engaged in R&D on language learning and accelerated learning techniques. He is a president of the Toastmasters Saturday Club in Bangkok.

This broad based expertise enables him to advise effectively on concrete commercial issues, recruitment, education and training.

He provides practical assistance to startups and entrepreneurs, as well as strategic planning for larger companies. His particular expertise is lifelong learning and helping people further their careers, start their own business, or simply gain a new perspective on education and work prospects. He publishes articles and conducts workshops on marketing & customer service, business sustainability, creative thinking, effective communication, entrepreneurship and management skills. He also is the driving force behind a small group of home-schoolers in Bangkok.

And he provides consultancy and assistance to schools and educational policymakers concerning informal (or alternative) education (การศึกษาทางเลือก and การศึกษาตามอัธยาศัย): lifelong learning, self-learning, personalized curriculum design, 'free range' learning for young children, story- and play-based English Program, informal learning for secondary school children, and complementary/alternative approaches to formal university education for a successful career.

His no-nonsense style is designed to make significant improvements (or, if you're an entrepreneur, get you up and running) in the fastest, most effective manner possible.

As a key note speaker or trainer, he is natural and engaging, helping to get the desired message across in an entertaining yet influential manner.

Qualifications include a triple B.Sc. in Psychology, Mathematics and IT, NLP Practitioner Certification and De Bono Trainer Certification in Creative Thinking Methodologies. Currently following a masters/doctoral program in Education with a dissertation in Second Language Acquisition (due end 2011).

Selected Case Studies

Business Start-up Streetbroadcast (in the UK) was established in 2002 to generate a revenue stream for local government authorities and private property companies through advertising on lampposts. By challenging the underlying assumptions, I changed the business model from that of an advertising agency to that of a trading company: Streetbroadcast now acquires and trades the advertising rights for lampposts. One important outcome of this was that the initial funding required was reduced from £2m to only £300,000. In three years its value increased initially to £8m and is now worth over £22m.

Marketing EPG Travel is an established tour operator wanting to achieve market dominance in Myanmar. By facilitating a brainstorming weekend, which the entire company attended, they were able to identify that their core strength (and over 70% of their profitability) lay in devising products for sale directly to the trade rather than on exciting holidays for individual travelers. Their subsequent product development and marketing efforts are now directed to growing this side of the business. A comprehensive project plan was devised as a direct outcome of the workshop.

Strategy & Recruitment Double Impact is a fast growing accounting and auditing company in Thailand. Growing so fast that it needed to train its managers to effectively interview new recruits. I devised a workshop that identified the desired characteristics for future candidates and taught simple yet effective interviewing techniques. The outcome was that, by challenging the basic assumptions of the kind of candidate needed, not only is the pool of available talent much wider than before, the managers are far more discerning about who they hire. Within a few months, the company grew into two separate organizations requiring larger premises, boasting capable and loyal staff who share the company's dedication to serving their clients in a meaningful way. I subsequently assisted the company to devise a strategy to expand internationally (now known as SCI Double Impact) and focus their services on the 30% most lucrative clients.

Local Government In partnership with First Call Housing Consultants (UK), I managed a number of projects to empower residents of housing estates to take over the management of their own affairs. I helped formulate the bids as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative, organized seminars with housing ministers, local authority representatives and resident management committees, and advised on ways of enabling residents to participate.

Individual Training Over the years, I have been involved in government initiatives to prepare unemployed people for employment. I helped a 'lost generation' of students in South Africa to prepare for University Entrance, wrote a Math Primer that encapsulated the entire school curriculum in 30 pages, and trained a number of unskilled adults to gain marketable IT and Secretarial skills. I wrote simple self-study guides to help new staff become immediately productive while training on-the-job; and I have advised children and parents on lifelong education strategies. I also tutored children in English, Mathematics and Piano.

Language Learning I recently published a self-study ebook entitled Read Thai in a Day. Similar accelerated learning products are in development for Thai, Hebrew and Japanese. And I conduct workshops ('face gyms') to train foreigners to enunciate correctly in English.

Systems Consultancy European Institutions, Luxembourg

    At the European Parliament, I defined multi-lingual document standards to support the EEC official languages and managed the multi-lingual data migration and software rollout to convert files to the new standard. I subsequently devised and conducted courses in using the new systems.

    At the European Commission, I defined the requirements for, and managed the implementation of a Translator's Workstation. This was a unified and consistent interface to a complex UNIX environment, automating complex procedures and seamlessly integrating document management facilities. Common standards were first established for the Commission as a whole (later adopted by the other institutions) so as to ensure consistency.

    At the European Court of Auditors, I defined Service Level Agreements and advised on a long term IT strategy, helping to define key performance standards and policies on investments in administration & ITC projects.

Quality Consultancy Eurotunnel, France.

    I advised on a Quality System, which involved identifying problems and analyzing procedures and KPIs for MIS. I designed and implemented a corporate Intranet, consisting of a single source of information and access to documents, an online cross-referenced (hyperlinked) quality manual, and a project database to improve the management and control of projects.

    Eurotunnel achieved ISO 9001 in 1998 as a result.

Banking & Finance

    At Lloyds Bank (UK), I assisted in the development of a Windows-based retail counter system that helped to automate customer-facing transactions and integrate seamlessly with back office operations.

    At Robert Frasers (UK), I configured and managed their back office IT system, providing technical support.

    At Hamilton Brothers (Canada/UK), in the days before electronic banking, I devised a system to automate payroll transactions and payments via BACS.

    At Holt Financial, I developed a system to automate commissions and overrides for sales executives.