PowerPoint Presentations

What's it about?

See also Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Mind Mapping, Sales Presentation Consultancy.

We have all seen tedious PowerPoint presentations that might have lots of pretty pictures, but basically consist of dense text or dozens of bullet points. Most annoying of all is the overuse (of the simply the use) of irritating animation effects.

This workshop helps people to design PowerPoints as an aid to presenting, not as the presentation itself.

How people take in information. We are taught at school to take in information by listening. Roughly a third of the population prefer this approach to learning new things (auditory learners). The rest of us learn either visually (visual learners) or through doing (kinesthetic learners).

Although a person might be predominantly auditory, visual or kinesthetic, everybody still needs to take in information using all three senses for the information to be understood, assimilated and remembered. It is difficult to include a kinesthetic channel of communication in a presentation, but in a training situation, participants should always be required to practice what is being discussed by doing.

A PowerPoint presentation must therefore be almost entirely visual, targeted at the visual learners in the audience. It is only one half of a presentation. The slides are to be elaborated upon aurally.

PowerPoint Rules. The Rule of Six (no more than six lines, with six words to a line). Keep It Simple (no flashy designs, minimal if any animation). Use Graphics (almost) Exclusively.

These principles are explained and practiced in the workshop.

Who benefits the most?

Anybody who routinely presents information using PowerPoint.

What are the outcomes?

The ability to design and present effective and flexible PowerPoint presentations.

Course Duration

A half-day course is sufficient for a basic introduction, but two half days is better to allow for designing and presenting a typical corporate or sales presentation as 'homework'.

The number of people is therefore limited, ideally no more than eight participants.

I also offer a consultancy program to assist with a specific presentation, usually a sales presentation: helping to design it and coaching sales executives on how to present it effectively.