Mind Mapping

What's it about?

See also Creative Thinking and Quality Manual.

Mind Mapping (defined and marketed by Tony Buzan) is simply a way of producing visual concept diagrams. Although we are able to solve certain problems and perform operations in a linear, sequential manner, we only understand concepts if presented in a holistic, visual way.

Intro to Mindmapping

There are several books that explain the concept of Mind Mapping and it is a very simple thing to do. Unfortunately, our educational upbringing has so ingrained the habits of thinking logically and sequentially that most people find it very difficult to produce useful Mind Maps in practice.

This workshop has therefore been designed to allow you to create your own Mind Maps under supervision. You will be coached in how to produce Mind Maps that work. Separate workshops are available to help you use Mind Maps for specific purposes, such as Presentations, Preparing Speeches, Studying Techniques, Writing Reports or Dissertations, etc.

Download the article by Illumine: Mind Mapping your Presentations [right-click and Save As...].

Who benefits the most?

Anybody who writes, presents, studies, plans. It is such a universally useful technique that it should be standard instruction at all schools and universities.

What are the outcomes?

The ability to use Mind Maps to plan and present.

Course Duration

A half-day course is sufficient for a basic introduction, but a one-day course (or a two half days) is better, particularly if you want to apply Mind Mapping for a specific purpose.