Managing Talent

What's it about?

See also Life Goals and Strategy Retreat.

While the Life Goals workshop is for helping people realize and achieve their personal goals, this workshop focuses on how the company can help people to do so as part of achieving the corporate goals.

This workshop begins with reviewing your corporate goals and mission statement. Yes, your goals will include being profitable and making a certain amount of money, but what is often left out of the equation is how you would like to achieve this. What kind of working environment would you like? What kind of people do you want to have working with you and for you?

It takes a long time to build a successful business. Often it is the journey that is more important than the destination.

Similarly, although money is important for employees, it is not the only reason they choose to join and work for your company. Sometimes work can provide the same experiences and fulfillment that a higher salary can provide.

For instance, if a person enjoys the facilities and beautiful environment of a resort, rather than working very hard to earn money to go to an expensive resort for a holiday, one can achieve the same end by earning less money and working at the resort all year round!

Remember, also, that salaries are taxed, but work experiences are not. Both are tax-deductible for the company, so it doesn't cost the company extra to provide employees with an environment that helps them achieve their life and career goals.

Finally, staff who feel that they are not only enjoying their time at work, but are also working towards their personal goals are unlikely to leave for another company, regardless of the increase in pay. The higher retention rate will save the company a significant amount of money in terms of recruitment and retraining costs, corporate knowledge and customer relations.

Who benefits the most?

Senior Directors, Owner/Managers, HR Directors, HR Managers.

What are the outcomes?

Ideas on improving the working environment for staff and building their personal goals into their career and assessment plans.

And in the longer term, a happier and more loyal workforce.

Course Duration

One day.

It helps to have a clear idea of the corporate goals before attending this workshop. So it may be worth adapting the 2-day Strategy Retreat to focus only on the issue of talent and staffing issues.