Life Goals

What's it about?

See also Managing Talent and Effective Working for Managers.

Many are drift contentedly in life. And that's often fine for routine administrative work or for minding a shop. These people usually just want reasonably interesting things to do during the day, and to enjoy the companionship of their colleagues.

And then there are people who are a little more ambitious. People who enjoy selling, or who wish to become effective managers and develop their careers.

However, if you don't have an appropriate and reachable goal in mind, then you will become a discontented drifter!

In this workshop, we help you to examine your aspirations in life and start to think about goals that are worthwhile and achievable. We often choose goals that are meaningless (a newer car or a bigger house) and then become dispirited after having achieved these goals.

One needs to think further ahead in life to begin to understand what is meaningful. More often than not, feelings are more important than material possessions. And often one can develop these feelings by changing the nature of your work (work/life balance) or perhaps even finding different employment.

We then help participants work backwards from the life goals to devise an approach to work/life than helps them achieve their goals and live a satisfying life.

Some companies might find this workshop a little too risky if it results in some staff leaving. But most companies appreciate that it is better to have motivated people who want to work for them than to have staff who work reluctantly. Reluctant employees tend to treat customers badly and can poison the working atmosphere, bringing the whole company down as a result.

It is important, even at the interview stage, that the company selects candidates whose life goals can be realized by working for the company.

Who benefits the most?

Sales people and managers. Sales people in particular are only really effective if they are motivated and ambitious. If they are not working towards a goal (not just a 'target') then they are unlikely to sustain the level of energy that keeps them on target.

What are the outcomes?

A more satisfying way of working that leads to achievable and desirable goals.

Course Duration

One day, with a half-day follow up after one month.