Improvisational Speeches


Learn to prepare an exciting or inspiring speech in an hour. And without any memorizing!

The old-fashioned way is to write out your speech and memorize it. This is hard work and takes a lot of time. It also makes your speeches dull and stilted. And your presentations can never evolve, unless you painstakingly modify your written speech and memorize it all over again.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice a technique I have developed and refined over the last two years that will enable you to improvise your speeches and presentations. It will become quick and easy to prepare a speech, whatever the occasion – without having to rely on notes!

Moreover, your speeches will sound more spontaneous, interesting and inspiring. And you will quickly develop the ability to think on your feet while speaking, allowing you to incorporate new ideas or observations on the fly. For instance, would you like to be able to spontaneously include some reference to a previous speaker in your speech? Or incorporate a current news item? The approach works even if English is your second language.

In a recent half-day workshop I gave for Toastmasters in Bangkok, each participant was able to give a highly competent 5-minute speech with only 30 minutes preparation and without any rehearsal! Many were inexperienced speakers. And except for one native English speaker, everyone else spoke English as a second language (they were either Thai, Italian or French).