Facilitated Meetings

What's it about?

See also Creative Thinking and Business & Marketing Retreat.

Rather than attend a course in Creating Thinking or applying the Six Thinking Hats framework to a marketing or strategy meeting, I can chair and facilitate a session with senior managers to discuss a current issue. 

By using Six Thinking Hats, the issue can be dealt with in a deliberate and systematic way, avoiding arguments and emotional obstacles. Appropriate Creative Thinking tools will be applied to the problem or opportunity as a way to open and expand 'possibility thinking', explore new avenues and view the issue from a variety of new and illuminating perspectives.

Who benefits the most?

Senior managers or decision makers who wish to apply deliberate creative thinking tools to a specific problem immediately, without having to spend time on learning the skills in a general way.

What are the outcomes?

By viewing and exploring the issue from different angles, you will discover new ways of dealing with the issue. You will also be able to clarify the core aspects of the problem that need to be focused on.

New insights will be discovered that may help to resolve an intractable problem, or avoid a potentially costly waste of effort on a new project, or create an opportunity that hadn't previously been considered.

For longer sessions, you will also develop the outline of a practical plan that will allow you to implement the most important ideas that came out of the discussions.

As a side effect, you will also learn a number of useful thinking tools that can be applied generically in future situations.

Course Duration

A facilitated meeting should be at least half a day. A full day session is better. For important strategic meetings, a weekend retreat is ideal - to include key members of staff who can prepare the relevant facts (White Hat) for presentation at the meetings.

A day or two of consultancy may be required beforehand to ascertain the nature and scope of the situation to be discussed. Helping to develop a plan may take another day after the meeting. It is usually a good idea to have a secretary and project manager attend so as to record minutes and prepare a draft project plan.

Further meetings may be required, as well as fact-finding or feasibility studies. I am available to participate in these meetings as a helpful observer rather than continuing to lead and facilitate.