Face Gym

Can you say clearly: "Sheila's friends love to visit the zoo"?
Or how about "
Rory the royal lion reared and roared as he ruled his rural rabble"?

Every language uses a slightly different set of face, tongue and throat muscles. Just as tennis differs from squash or football, say, the muscles for speaking Japanese are different from how the muscles are used in English, French or Chinese. Japanese people in particular have problems pronouncing TH, R/L and V.

This Face Gym is just that: a gym for your face - to help you develop the muscles needed for enunciating clearly in English. Using tongue twisters and other speech exercises used by actors, you will develop the ability to speak English clearly.

Developing the face muscles doesn't happen overnight and can't be done all at once - just as you can't become a tennis or karate champion in just one week. It takes a little bit of practice, every day, continuously over a long period of time. This workshop is just the start of a continuous daily training program that will help you to express yourself clearly in English.

It is well known that people who speak clearly and confidently come across as possessing more authority (even if the grammar and usage isn't correct) than if you speak with an indistinct accent (no matter how correctly you speak)!

I will coach you in how to pronounce each sound correctly and how to develop the ability to enunciate clearly. Each participant will be entitled to download a collection of audio tracks so that they can work through the exercises (10 minutes) every day in their car or on the train using any MP3 player.

Please also read the Say It Proper page.