Effective Selling and Presenting

What's it about?

See also Public Speaking, PowerPoint Presentations, Presentation Skills, Sales Presentation Consultancy.

Sales Presentations are routinely dull and ineffectual, often a collection of pretty but standard and uninspiring Powerpoint slides. And, all too often, the inexperienced sales person simply plows through the presentation without understanding the basic principles of selling.

In this program, I work with your sales people to role play a variety of selling scenarios. We usually dispense with props such as PowerPoint and develop impromptu speaking skills instead. Combined with the PowerPoint Presentations workshop, your sales presentations will become significantly more effective.

There is some overlap with the Sales Presentation Consultancy, except that this program focuses on the actual delivery of your presentation and the spontaneous interaction with your customer. (The consultancy program focuses more on developing the presentation material and understanding the sales processes.)

Understanding the customer. Interview the customer: What is the customer looking for? What are the problems that he wishes to solve? How can your product or service benefit the customer?

Focus on the benefits. Explain how your product or service can solve one of the customer's problems or an urgent need. Practice doing this in an impromptu manner.

Organize the presentation. What are the three (and no more than five) arguments that support or lead up to the primary message? Present these in a clear and logical manner. What else does the customer need to know? Answer all the questions. Practice doing this in an impromptu manner.

Visual Aids are just that: Aids. Practice using Powerpoint presentations in a minimal way. This is another exercise in impromptu speaking.

Be excited. Practice the ability to take any subject (no matter how dull) and finding an angle that you feel personally passionate about as a way of enlivening your presentations. Practice doing this in an impromptu manner.

Who benefits the most?

Sales Executives.

What are the outcomes?

Sales presentations that are more natural and effective, plus the ability to interact with the customer in a spontaneous way. Another vitally important skill is the ability to be adaptable, responding to the customer's specific needs and requirements, rather than plowing through a standard script.

Course Duration

This is a relatively long-term program. The skills to develop need to be practiced over a long-term period. It cannot be done in a few days of intensive activity.

Recommended program is to begin with 1-2 days and then follow up with half a day every month for at least six months, so that the sales person can more effectively apply these skills in their regular sales pitches.

The number of people is therefore limited, ideally no more than eight participants.