Effective Time Management

What's it about?

See also Managing & Coaching.

The art of good management is to get work done through others.

This workshop is how to manage your time and your life and how to collaborate with others to get work done effectively.

We discuss new and perhaps radical perspectives of what it means to work.

We also explore personal and corporate goals, which leads to the principle of only doing work that will get you closer to these goals. Most work that one does is actually not relevant, but keeps you unnecessarily busy. A lot of time can be saved simply by not doing this kind of work. Learning how to determine the degree of 'relevancy' is covered in this workshop.

Time itself is often not well managed. This workshop covers a number of immediately applicable techniques that will make a significant impact on how you spend your day. For instance, developing an 'unschedule' (where you block out your personal and social time first) paradoxically helps to focus your energies and plan your months and your projects more accurately and efficiently.

The next important concept covered is the notion of 'energy' versus 'time'. One doesn't actually need a lot of time to get things done. One needs to be organized and focused. Effective managers can achieve in 2-3 hours what most people do in a whole day.

Finally, we cover the art of managing others. Not only of delegating work (which requires organization, systemization, training and monitoring), but also of informally 'training' colleagues and customers to work effectively with you. This is covered in more depth in the Managing & Coaching course.

Who benefits the most?

Anybody who manages people, works with customers or oversees administrative functions. Sales people, managers, lecturers, trainers. This workshop can be adapted exclusively for people who manage others, or it can be adapted for people who have to manage themselves (e.g. administrators or sales people).

What are the outcomes?

The ability to get work done more effectively. Note: not necessarily get more work done, or to work more efficiently. That can happen, but it is not the focus on this workshop.

Course Duration

2-3 days, either two weeks or a month apart.