Business & Marketing Strategies Retreat

What's it about?

See also Creative Thinking and Facilitated Meetings.

A kind of consultancy concerning corporate strategy. Rather than making 'expert' recommendations based on an analysis of your business, I have found it is far more effective to help you to derive your own solutions.

The way this is done is to take senior directors and key managers and staff to a weekend retreat and to discuss and brainstorm the future of the company.

The approach begins with Big Picture perspectives and reviewing Core Principles. I ask provocative questions from a variety of perspectives, using Creative Thinking techniques.

By the second day, we will usually have short-listed the approaches that will yield the best outcome (80/20 Rule) and will begin the process of planning in more detail.

Who benefits the most?

Owners and Senior Directors embarking on a corporate expansion or consolidation campaign. This retreat will also benefit owners of SMEs, employing at least 50 people and with a turnover exceeding US$5m.

What are the outcomes?

The mere act of sitting together and thrashing out underlying issues that are affecting your business is often sufficient to get things going.

However, without outside intervention or examining of the issues from alternative perspectives, there is a real danger of wasting time and going round in circles. "We've tried that and it didn't work" or "We can't do that because..."

The most important advantage of attending this retreat is that you will be presented with ideas and viewpoints that you have never considered before. Some may be obvious, but so obvious that you simply avoided thinking about it: "What is our business?" or "What do we sell?" or "Who are our customers?"

And some may not be at all obvious: "Can we sell to our competitors?" or "Can we improve profitability by getting rid of customers?" or "Can we sell an entirely different product more profitably?"

Using Creative Thinking Techniques and harnessing our intuitions (as a result of the relaxing conditions and change of surroundings), I help you to review your core strategies and devise lucrative ways of growing your business.

An outline of a concrete action plan is one of the key outcomes at the end of the retreat. To be followed up by further meetings and planning, back at the office, in the usual manner.

Course Duration

Two Days - at a spa/resort away from the usual working environment.

Further meetings may be required, as well as fact-finding or feasibility studies. I am available to participate in these meetings as a helpful observer rather than continuing to lead and facilitate.